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This Summer Make Sure Your Water, Air and Soil Are Safe

Home inspections 101 After a long, looooooong winter – one that felt like it would end sometime in 2020 – summer is finally within sight. And thank goodness for that. But before you dive into the pool, crank up the air conditioner, or start that victory garden, you’ll want to make sure that your water, air, and soil are clean and safe. Let’s face it; the frigid temperatures, wild winter weather, and common wear and tear that are typically noticeable this time of year are all indicators of potential contamination. more

The Dark Side of Pressure Washing

Don’t Let High Pressure Cleaning Turn into a High Stakes Health Gamble

As nagging nor’easters and blustering bomb cyclones make way for warmer weather, homeowners throughout the New York Metropolitan area might actually get to tackle spring- cleaning before summer vacation. Power washing a patio, deck or home exterior is an effective means of removing dirt, grime and unsightly moss that’s built-up over the winter. But if it’s not done correctly, high pressure cleaning can turn into a high stakes gamble; it can unearth and spread lead paint chips and hazardous lead dust, potentially.


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