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Can Water Be Bad For Your Health?

Water is what sustains most life on planet Earth, but what happens when water becomes bad for your health? While it may seem like a simple liquid, water can be quite complex, let alone vital to life. Because it is transparent, that doesn’t mean it is pure. It can be full of contaminants and toxins that can wreak havoc on the human body. Most of us get our drinking water from the faucets in our homes, and we trust that every time we turn on the tap, we get fresh, clean water. But,.

Is Toxic Lead Paint Hiding In Your Home?

The hazards of lead paint are making national headlines after the disaster in Flint, Michigan, which has exposed a much greater lead poisoning epidemic in the United States. You may be concerned, but not know where to start to protect your children and family from lead poisoning. The easiest answer is start at home.

If your home or apartment was built before 1978, the year the use of lead paint was banned, chances are lead-based paint is present. That means, if the paint layers are sanded or chipped, lead dust will result. This infographic shows some of the hot spots for lead in the home.



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