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Yes, Sick Building Syndrome is a Thing

Ever get a headache, cough, feel nauseous, or have a wave of exhaustion come over you for no apparent reason? It may not be allergies. And you may not be sick... not entirely. The problem could actually be your building. Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is real and affects as many as 30 percent of all new and remodeled buildings, according to the World Health Organization. Sick buildings can be traced to faulty heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems (HVAC) whereby any number of building materials, bacteria, toxic mold or volatile organic compounds aren’t properly ventilating, and.

The Dark Side of Pressure Washing

Don’t Let High Pressure Cleaning Turn into a High Stakes Health Gamble

As nagging nor’easters and blustering bomb cyclones make way for warmer weather, homeowners throughout the New York Metropolitan area might actually get to tackle spring- cleaning before summer vacation. Power washing a patio, deck or home exterior is an effective means of removing dirt, grime and unsightly moss that’s built-up over the winter. But if it’s not done correctly, high pressure cleaning can turn into a high stakes gamble; it can unearth and spread lead paint chips and hazardous lead dust, potentially.


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