How RTK Environmental Group Works With Insurers and

Insurance Claims Adjusters

Responsive. Unbiased. Clear.

When water intrusion occurs, we understand the need for high-speed and high-quality environmental testing. RTK Environmental Group inspection team can respond, in most cases, within one to two business days and submit inspection reports quickly to minimize the high cost of additional living expenses (ALE). Here’s what RTK Environmental Group can do for you:

  • Inspections within one to two business days
  • Inspection reports returned quickly to minimize ALE
  • Scope of work in clear language
  • Analysis and interpretation of samples in clear language
  • Outline a set of clear next steps in our remediation plans
  • Fast follow-up for post-remediation clearance testing
  • RTK Inspectors are accustomed to working with high net worth individuals and other discerning clientele

It Pays to Choose RTK Environmental Group. Here’s Why:

  • Since we only perform testing–and not remediation–our reports are unbiased. We won’t magnify a problem in hopes of performing costly repairs
  • We provide testing and inspections for mold, lead, asbestos, indoor air quality, water, soil, and more
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Good indoor air quality promotes a healthy learning environment at your school, and can reduce absenteeism, improve test scores, and enhance student and staff productivity. (EPA)

How RTK Environmental Group Keeps you safe while we’re in your home or workplace