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Aditi Madhusudan

Winner of 2020 RTK Scholarship Announced, Aditi Madhusudan

Winner of 2020 RTK Scholarship Announced, Aditi Madhusudan Congratulations to Aditi Madhusudan of Alpharetta, Georgia, who is the recipient of the RTK Scholars Award for 2020. Madhusudan was chosen from an impressive pool of applicants with remarkable accomplishments in various science-related fields. She will receive $1,500, which will be applied to her studies at University of Georgia, where she is majoring in biology and economics, and intends to pursue a degree in medicine. “Students like Aditi who have such passion, understanding, and

home office health hazards

Home Office Health Hazards

About a third of people work from home at least occasionally, but are environmental toxins in your home office, such and dust and mold, making you sick?

New York City Pollution

Apartment Living: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Whether you live in new construction, a landmarked brownstone, or a quaint pre-war walkup, ‘community living’ can easily compromise your health. This can include poor indoor air quality and mold growth where you can’t see it, as well as lead dust and asbestos particles in the air from neighboring repair work and renovation. The fact is your apartment may be harboring toxins.


What You Need to Know about Renovation Work and Asbestos

Do-it-yourself renovations have become commonplace. Unfortunately, many DIYers are unaware of the danger that lurks if asbestos is present and disturbed. Asbestos has been used in the construction of walls, ceilings and floors (mostly for fireproofing), and often serves as insulation for pipes.

environmental home inspection

Environmental Home Inspections: People Are Asking; Realtors Are Listening

Environmental Home Inspections: People Are Asking; Realtors Are Listening The coronavirus pandemic has urbanites seriously thinking about leaving their current abodes in search of more space and a healthier lifestyle. And, as they want to be sure that their prospective new homes don’t have any problems that could lead to health issues, environmental inspections are making the list. Homes, anywhere and at any time, can harbor mold, asbestos or radon, and contain poor indoor air quality, polluted water, or volatile organic compounds

lead testing alexandria

Does Your Pediatrician Screen for Lead Poisoning?

Not all pediatricians test their patients for lead poisoning. In some states it’s mandatory, but in others it’s left to the doctors to determine if it’s necessary. RTK Environmental knows that lead paint poses a danger for everyone, children and adults alike, so be sure to request that your pediatrician performs a simple blood test to check for lead contamination.