We located more than 50 pharmacies in New York, where you can order Viagra.

  1. New York City Pharmacy
    Rating: 4.9
    What customers say:
    – I love the staff and all the products here. Everyone is super helpful in New York City Pharmacy. They have skincare, haircare, vitamins, medicine, makeup, protein powder, tea, aromatherapy, and a selection of sports wraps. I’ll never go to any other pharmacy.
    – I waited an hour for Viagra pills that I still don’t have in hand. I had to leave when my meter expired. I was told it would be 20 minutes. At 35 minutes I checked to see how it was going and they said 10 more minutes. At an hour mark, they were still working on it. The 2 times I’ve been there they didn’t have what I needed in the house and I didn’t find out until check out or right before leaving. I’m done. No need to leave work early to have to wait a ridiculous amount of time for something that should be fast. The folks there are very nice, and I certainly don’t mind waiting if I know up front, but this is nonsense.
  2. ViaQX
    Rating: 4.7
    What customers say:
    – I switched to the ViaQX three years ago and love it. I get a number of Viagra prescriptions filled at this drugstore for my family and there has never been a hitch, delay, or other problem. Everybody in the pharmacy goes out of their way to resolve any issue at the front end so it does not become the customer’s problem. I’m a huge fan.
    – Reviewing in light of the news about the arrest, I am upset that the police would follow up with a disgruntled call from a customer, she couldn’t get her pain meds filled early and called the police claiming the pharmacist was high on pills. I have been filling my wife’s meds here for 6 or 7 years, hands down one of the best staffs in the industry, they have always gone above and beyond for my wife and me. I have nothing but nice things to say and cant wait to see those pointing the finger make right for there smearing of this great independent RX store. And yes, this pharmacy is safe as any, it hasn’t been robbed for well over 3 years. I was here today and as always perfect service.
  3. New London Pharmacy
    Rating: 4.8
    What customers say:
    – No stars…I went in this evening, February 2, 2019, around 6:30 pm to pick up a couple of things before I went home…I was with my fiance. I am in a wheelchair and he was pushing me, also disabled. We were shopping and the security guard approached us and said the manager wanted us to leave. No one would tell us why. The manager didn’t have the courtesy to explain, went into the office to hide. When we asked the security guard to get her card so we could talk to corporate he refused. I was the only person in a wheelchair in the store. We were paying customers…the only thing I can come up with is they had an issue with me being disabled in their store… I’m getting a lawyer! Discrimination against a disabled person…this is not going to go well for them! I am taking a pic of this…so if it “disappears” I can repost it!
    – I was visiting from Texas and attempted to get an Rx refilled. John, in the pharmacy, called my home pharmacy to get the transfer info and then went a step further to seek out my insurance information proactively! Only to learn that New London Pharmacy is out of network for my insurance. John called me directly to let me know, and he saved my info so the other pharmacy could call and get the transfer info quickly and easily from him. John provided phenomenal customer service, even when I ended up not being a customer. Much appreciated!
  4. Downtown Pharmacy
    Rating: 4.4
    What customers say:
    – As a pharmacy, these guys at Downtown Pharmacy are really good, attentive, and personal, and it doesn’t take them half an hour to slap a label on a box. Their hours are pretty reasonable, considering it’s not a megacorp, but I do admit that the non-pharmacy bits of the store are laden to excess with “alternative” medicine. Oh well, at least it smells nice.
    – I normally despise any place whose name contains the word ‘wellness,’ ‘whole,’ ‘spirit,’ or ‘nourish.’ But this place has a good selection of vitamins and is nearby.