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Winter conditions can be ripe for mold growth

If you have to run (and empty) dehumidifiers to fight mold growth in your home all summer long, you probably enjoy having a break from your war on mold when winter comes. Well, we’re sorry to be the bearers of bad news, but winter weather can create mold problems, too. And these situations are often beyond your control.

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Are You Buying a Used Car or a Moldy Mess?

Super-storm Sandy soaked more than our homes and businesses. According to the National Association of Automobile Dealers, flooding may have damaged as many as 250,000 cars. Here’s the problem – many of these water-damaged cars now contain mold, a major health hazard. If they wind up on used car lots, it could mean health problems for unsuspecting consumers.

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The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Baby – A Healthy Home

You’ve registered for the best stroller, crib, and car seat available because nothing is too good for keeping your baby safe. While many families are creating their little one’s gift registry by adding clothes, diapers, and essentials for the nursery, there is an even more important way to prepare for your baby’s arrival – a Healthy Baby, Healthy Home Environmental Inspection.

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Post Sandy: Mold

When Hurricane Sandy swept through the Northeast, it flooded tens of thousands of homes.  If you had water in your home for at least two days, chances are some mold colonies are growing, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  Here’s what you may not realize: mold may not be visible immediately, but its spores are growing.

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Preparing Your Home for Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy could land in the New York tri-state area early next week with gale-force winds, flooding, heavy rain and possibly snow.  Luckily, there are things homeowners can do to prepare for the storm and protect your home from developing a mold problem after flooding.

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How to Prevent Having a “Sick Home” This Winter

With winter just weeks away, we usually focus on conserving heat in our homes and tightly latch storm windows, secure the doors from drafts, and check the attic insulation. But we should be thinking about keeping our homes healthy as well. Unfortunately, many homes, especially newer ones, are built so airtight that they cannot breathe – literally! So, a warm and cozy house becomes a “sick home”.

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Mold Allergy? Don’t Eat That!

If you have a mold allergy, removing mold from your walls might not be enough. You also have to take it off your plate (literally) as you may be ingesting the mold directly. Many common foods contain some amount of mold, which can exacerbate a mold allergy.

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Experts warn contamination in water can lead to cancer, gastrointestinal diseases and developmental delays in children. (USA Today)

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