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Why Is Santa Sneezing?

  What’s Making Santa Sneeze? Let’s Hope You Don’t Find Out! Stay off of Santa’s Naughty List! Nobody likes a stinky home. But an unhealthy

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How to Prevent Having a “Sick Home” This Winter

With winter just weeks away, we usually focus on conserving heat in our homes and tightly latch storm windows, secure the doors from drafts, and check the attic insulation. But we should be thinking about keeping our homes healthy as well. Unfortunately, many homes, especially newer ones, are built so airtight that they cannot breathe – literally! So, a warm and cozy house becomes a “sick home”.

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lead poisoning prevention week

A Mother’s Lament: I Accidentally Poisoned My Child

“Happy Birthday! Exposure to lead is harmful to your child and can cause learning problems, physical problems, behavioral problems, and organ and bran damage. GET YOUR CHILD TESTED FOR LEAD! Every child should be tested at 1 and 2 years of age.”

I stopped and thought about that for a second. Sure, I was very happy to see that they are educating parents about the dangers of lead poisoning, which causes autism, ADHD, violent tendencies, and other serious issues. But something was still bothering me…

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Viruses are diverse and have a variety of surface survival rates. Viruses can live on surfaces for hours — or even weeks. (CDC)

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