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Be Sure to Check These 3 Things When Moving Into Your New Apartment

Signing a lease for an apartment is a financial investment. You’re spending a decent chunk of your income to live in a space for a year or more. Break the lease, and you could be on the hook for additional fees. That’s why it’s important to make sure you thoroughly check an apartment for problem signs after moving in. There are many factors you could easily overlook if you’re not careful. Specifically, it’s worth paying attention to the following:


Mold develops in damp areas. Thus, it can sometimes be hidden behind walls and other obstructions. If.

Give the Gift of a Healthy Home!

The gift everyone needs

Seeking a truly unique gift during the holidays? Give the gift of a healthy home. RTK is offering gift certificates for environmental inspections. Even the most hard to please on your list will appreciate your thoughtfulness when you give them this gift. With exposure to so many toxins in our daily lives, it is increasingly important to ensure that the environment we are living in is a safe place. (more…).


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