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Why Is Unbiased Environmental Testing Important?

Why Is Unbiased Environmental Testing Important? When you choose an environmental testing company, it’s important to select a firm that provides independent and unbiased testing—meaning the company only performs testing, and not remediation. This is a very important distinction. Here’s why: When a company performs both testing and remediation, there is a financial benefit in finding a problem. If the company does find mold or lead, it is reasonably sure that the property owner will likely want to remedy the situation. The

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Video: Why is Independent Mold Testing Important?

Video: Why is Independent Mold Testing Important? ‘One-stop shops’ that do both mold testing and remediation tend to magnify the problem in hopes of charging large fees for the remediation to follow, which may or may not be necessary. This became clear on Long Island after the disaster of Superstorm Sandy. If a company offers you testing and remediation services: think twice. Why? You may wind up paying thousands of dollars for exaggerated repair estimates or an improper and ineffective remediation, and

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Top Questions on Mold Answered

Top Questions on Mold Answered There is a lot of information circulating about mold. Unfortunately, when it is incorrect, it may cause homeowners to spend money for the wrong reasons or on the wrong solutions. RTK Environmental has created a list of common misconceptions and the top questions on mold. To find out whether or not you’ve been getting good advice about mold problems, read on. Robert Weitz, an environmental testing expert, answers your questions. He’s a certified microbial investigator and principal

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Pipe Break? Learn About This New NYS Law That Is Saving Consumers Thousands On Mold Remediation

The recent cold temperatures caused a host of pipe breaks. For many, these unfortunate burst pipes happened when they were on vacation during the winter recess. Unsuspecting consumers returned home to mold and water damage from frozen pipes that defrosted and ruptured while they were away. When hiring contractors and contacting your insurance company, make sure you know about the new law in New York that protects homeowners from mold remediation con games. The regulations can save you thousands of