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Environmental Testing for Legal & Lending Teams

Accurate Information Minimizes Risk

Lending institutions and legal teams depend on accurate information to determine successful outcomes when determining strategies for real estate purchase requirements, handling foreclosures, and winning a law suit. When you work with RTK Environmental Group, you benefit from having a team with extensive knowledge that regularly works with attorneys, banks, and realtors, to help you determine the best pathway forward.

RTK adheres to industry best practices and only performs environmental testing in commercial and residential areas—and not remediation—meaning we have no conflict-of-interest. This means you’ll receive unbiased reports that will neither exaggerate, nor downplay your environmental risk.

The RTK Difference:

  • Regularly work with lenders, attorneys, and real estate industry
  • Quickly find the source of the problem and report findings in clear and concise language
  • Accustomed to working with discerning, concerned, or emotional owners and tenants
  • Provide consulting for, and supervision of, remediation work, and re-sample to ensure work has been completed properly
  • Can efficiently perform multiple types of testing simultaneously
  • Help you avoid unwanted attention by working discretely
  • Serve as expert witnesses

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More information:

Water should be tested once each year for total coliform bacteria. (CDC)

How RTK Environmental Group keeps you safe while we’re in your home or workplace.

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