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Commercial Asbestos Testing

commercial asbestos testingRTK Environmental Group provides commercial asbestos testing for a variety of clients. Whether you have a demolition project or an insurance claim, we’ll help you move the project forward faster, getting you results in as little as 24 hours.

Working Regularly with Insurance Companies

When there’s a water issue – a roof leak, pipe break or flooding from an outside source – and asbestos testing is required before demolition can begin, quick response is imperative to keep the process moving in a timely manner and often, before the project can even begin. RTK Environmental Group stands ready with licensed and qualified inspectors to get there fast, perform sampling and get results back ASAP.

Asbestos Testing, Sampling & Analysis

asbestos testing NYCRTK can handle any type of asbestos testing, including pre-demolition, renovation or remodeling, fire/water damage, structural testing, pipe, flooring or ceiling tile, or mandatory testing when water intrusions occur.  Our inspectors are licensed and certified per federal, state, and county laws. We provide commercial as well as residential testing for asbestos.

ACP5 Testing is Required in New York City

If you are filing with the Department of Buildings to get a permit for your remodeling or construction job, you’re going to need to complete ACP5 testing. ACP stands for Asbestos Control Program, which verifies that no friable ACM (asbestos-containing material) was found in the asbestos survey. We can also provide an ACP7 which is the asbestos project notification.

Asbestos Clearance Testing

asbestos dust testingFinal asbestos clearance testing includes visual inspections of the work area to assure no visible debris remains and final air samples to ensure results are below the EPA and State re-occupancy clearance criteria. All inspections and testing are performed by a licensed inspector. With our rapid return on results, rebuilding can be started quickly after the abatement and testing are complete.

Asbestos Abatement Management

When it comes to asbestos abatement, it’s essential to document your compliance, prioritize areas of concern and minimize the risks and liabilities for you and/or residents. We can help manage the entire abatement project by providing:

An asbestos management plan for building owners, managers, workers and other key building staff providing basic information on how to develop and carry out high quality operations and maintenance programs for managing asbestos in place. Asbestos management plans are required by many federal and state agencies, lending institutions and insurance companies.

asbestos removalAn asbestos abatement plan and monitoring will clearly identify the locations, quantities and conditions of asbestos-containing materials to be removed. We ensure the process meets all federal, state and local ordinances, regulations and rules pertaining to asbestos including storage, transport and disposal. The abatement plan may include but is not limited to all aspects of project abatement, including:

  • Summary of work
  • Project documents (plans and illustrations)
  • Abatement contractor’s use of premises
  • Coordination of activities
  • Standards and specifications
  • Quality control
  • Testing laboratories
  • Project records, warranties and guarantees

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There has been a 300% increase in patients diagnosed with asthma over the past 20 years. (USA Weekend)

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