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Smoke and Fire Damage Assessments for Insurance Companies

When a fire, puff back, or smoke event occurs in a home or building, the damage can be more extensive than what is visible to the naked eye. Depending on the degree of the smoke event, soot particulates can infiltrate ceiling and wall cavities, and can also impact the HVAC system. With RTK’s deep knowledge of building structures paired with specialized laboratory techniques, we provide a comprehensive Fire and Smoke Damage Assessment that is an integral part of a fire or smoke loss.

Through identification of soot deposits in hidden areas, RTK can help to determine the extent of both necessary and unnecessary repairs and the source of bothersome odor. Having a clear removal and cleaning plan has helped save insurance companies tens of thousands of dollars on fire and smoke losses by pinpointing the work that needs to be completed, while ruling out areas that don’t need remediation or cleaning.smoke testingThis often helps to alleviate the concerns of your insured, and prevents unnecessary costs.

Because we provide testing and do not perform cleaning or restoration, RTK maintains our unbiased position of reporting, consulting and developing professional recommendations.

Testing for Soot: A Range of Turnaround Options

RTK uses both noninvasive surface testing and bulk sampling practices to identify the various components of smoke damage including the types and elevations of smoke related particles. RTK uses an independent accredited laboratory to analyze the samples. We offer a range of turnaround options to help your client get back into their home or building quickly. We can utilize both PLM and TEM methods of analysis which can help with different damage scenarios.

post fire testingAfter the home or building has been professionally cleaned, RTK’s surface testing can be used to identify remaining smoke residue. This testing will not damage or cause any visible markings on freshly cleaned surfaces.

Working with Insurance Companies

RTK regularly works with insurance companies to provide fast, accurate, unbiased results for all of our fire and smoke damage testing services. We also offer testing for mold, lead and asbestos, which are often necessary following a fire or smoke event. Since we do not remediate, perform abatement, or provide smoke or water damage restoration services, there is no conflict of interest and you can rest assured that the test results will be honest.

If you need smoke and fire testing for an insurance claim, call us at 800.392.6468. We’ll work quickly and efficiently to move your claim forward accurately.

Testing for lead isn’t required in the US — and so doctors miss children exposed to the toxin. (Vox)

How RTK Environmental Group keeps you safe while we’re in your home or workplace.

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