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RTK Environmental Announces Winner of 2021 Scholarship, Wisconsin Native Hannah Shields

Congratulations to Hannah Shields of Lyndon Station, Wisconsin, who is the recipient of the RTK Scholars Award for 2021. Shields was chosen from an impressive pool of applicants with remarkable accomplishments in various science-related fields. She will receive $1,500, which will be applied to her studies at University of Wisconsin Lacrosse, where she will be pursuing a degree in biology.

Her passion is focused on bioremediation, with the goal of cleaning-up an ecosystem that has been polluted by wastes and chemicals. Bioremediation has successfully cleaned up pollutants including crude oil, gasoline, pesticides, salts, sewage, and chlorinated solvents used in cleaning supplies. This provides a less expensive and less environmentally disruptive option when compared to other clean up methods.

“In a world where pollution is evidently a very serious problem, the fact that we have access to techniques such as bioremediation is unbelievable,” says Shields. “With a growing population and a growing amount of waste, bioremediation could be the answer to many environmental concerns,” she continues. “Technology never stops advancing. I am very curious to find out what our society is fully capable of when it comes to creating new technologies that help the environment.”

“Students like Hannah who have such passion, understanding, and dedication to finding solutions for current environmental problems are the next generation of doctors and scientists,” said Robert Weitz, Principal and Founder of RTK, a leading environmental testing company, which initiated the RTK Scholars Program in 2015. “Her ambitions are extraordinary, and her understanding of the complex role toxins play in our environment and how we can effectively fix these issues is impressive,” he adds. “RTK is committed to supporting and furthering students’ scientific education, and our scholarship program helps them succeed.”

The RTK Scholars Program has awarded over $15,000 in recent years. Past winners include Aditi Madhusudan of Alpharetta, Georgia, Joseph Vecchio of Keyport, New Jersey; Katie Galletta of Goffstown, New Hampshire; Renwick Wilson of Greenwich, Connecticut; Kolby Galloway of Easley, South Carolina; Elliott Davis of North Potomac, Maryland; Nicholas Bulthuis of Chicago, Illinois; and Dylan McCloskey of Liberty, Missouri.

The RTK Scholars Program is now accepting applications for the 2022 award. The application deadline is May 31, 2022. If you would like more information or to apply, please visit RTK Environmental Science Scholarship Program.


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