How to detect and remove asbestos in your home or business

RTK’s Robert Weitz recently spoke with Expert Beacon about how to detect and remove asbestos in your home or business.  Asbestos is deadly, and may be lurking in your home, school, or office. The most dangerous fibers are too small to be visible. Once inhaled, they lodge in the lungs forever. Find out what you need to know about asbestos detection, monitoring, and removal to protect your family, employees, and yourself. He shared some very important Do’s and Don’ts.

  • know what asbestos is and where it is found
  • understand how it can affect your health
  • have your home tested for asbestos before renovation or demolition
  • take proper precautions when renovating or removing asbestos
  • know your liability exposure
  • disturb asbestos without proper safety precautions
  • do any removal without having an abatement plan
  • remove asbestos without following proper federal, state and local rules
  • ignore asbestos
  • forget to have the property inspected after renovations

If you think you may haves an asbestos problem in your home or business, call us at (800) 392-6468 or CLICK HERE.

Past exposure to lead may be to blame for over 400,000 deaths in the United States every year (The Lancet Public Health.)

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How RTK Environmental Group keeps you safe while we’re in your home or workplace.

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