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Before you become the “Ace of Baste,” take care of these household items and you’ll be Thanksgiving’s holiday hero host.

1. Disgusting musty odors

Disgusting musty odors

That “barely noticeable” musty odor in your home? Nobody will notice it except for EVERYONE! A musty odor means that your home has a mold problem, which causes allergies and asthma. You probably can’t see the source of mold, so hire an independent mold inspection expert and check this off your list!

2. Clean the bathroom fan

Clean Bathroom Fan

This is a given, especially around Thanksgiving. Not only will a properly functioning bathroom fan help dispatch the stench from Uncle Lester’s reading session, it will also quickly remove humidity from the air, preventing costly mold remediation after too many long showers.

3. An Asbestos ‘For the Rest of Us’

Asbestos Home

Forget the Frank Costanza aluminum pole, asbestos is no laughing matter. Have your home checked for asbestos to be sure that you and your guests are safe and not breathing in dangerous fibers. One airborne asbestos fiber can cause major health issues—even death.

4. Indoor Air Pollution Check

IAQ Issue

Studies have shown that indoor air can be up to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air. It’s no wonder why we tend to be sicker in the wintertime, when we’re sealed up indoors. An indoor air quality test can assure that you and your guests are breathing clean air.

5. Change the Shower Curtain – Pronto

Shower Curtain Mildew

This shower curtain was once white. Just kidding! But, when was the last time you changed your shower curtain or bath mat? If you’re thinking to yourself, “never,” don’t worry. You’re not alone. But these two items area conduits for unhealthy mold spores, bacteria, and other nasty things.

TIP: An effective way to clean your bath mats and tub liners is to toss them into your washing machine on a gentle cycle with a few light-colored towels, laundry detergent, a cup of baking soda, and 10 or so drops of tea tree oil, which can kill mold. This should have them fresh and clean in no time!

6. Fix that Leaky Sink

Leaky Sink Fix

In addition to wasting water, leaky sinks can cause big problems in your home. Moisture under a sink can immediately cause mold growth, which causes asthma, allergies, or other serious ailments. Since mold spores occur naturally in the environment, the best way to prevent mold growth is to curtail the moisture source.

7. Turn up the thermostat!

Thermostat Setting

Sure, Granny will be more comfortable (nah, she’ll still be cold), but so too will your pipes. It’s easier for pipes to freeze in a house that’s too cool. And since much of the country is below freezing very early this year, the experts are expecting a lot of frozen pipe/plumbing issues. Don’t become the statistic. Remember: It can cost more to repair damage from a frozen pipe than it does to keep the thermostat up a few degrees this winter.

Happy Thanksgiving!

There has been a 300% increase in patients diagnosed with asthma over the past 20 years. (USA Weekend)

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