News 12 Connecticut says Stamford health officials are urging homeowners to test their well water for uranium, and speaks with RTK Environmental Group about testing, health affects, and solutions. Uranium was recently discovered in 70% of water wells tested in Stamford, CT. Contaminated well water is a growing problem all over Connecticut: approximately 20% of private wells are contaminated with toxins including uranium, arsenic, radon, carcinogenic pesticides, and heavy metals like lead. To be safe, you should test for all of these things. A basic well-water test does not usually include uranium.

Stamford health officials say it is dangerous to consume high levels of uranium long term because it is radioactive and can cause kidney damage and cancer.

They say since they issued the uranium warning, more homeowners are calling them or hiring private companies to test their water. To have your well tested by an independent testing company, call RTK at (800) 392-6468 or click here.

The EPA estimates local water systems will need to invest 4 billion in the coming decades to keep water clean. The cost per person is more than twice as high in small communities as it is in large towns and cities. (USA Today)

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