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Why Is Unbiased Environmental Testing Important?

independent mold testingWhen you choose an environmental testing company, it’s important to select a firm that provides independent and unbiased testing—meaning the company only performs testing, and not remediation. This is a very important distinction. Here’s why:

When a company performs both testing and remediation, there is a financial benefit in finding a problem. If the company does find mold or lead, it is reasonably sure that the property owner will likely want to remedy the situation. The natural inclination is to ask the same company to do the work. But this raises some issues: are the workers at a remediation company properly trained or certified to test for environmental issues? Or will they “find” a problem in order to land a job? The bottom line is this: there’s an inherent conflict-of-interest if a company both tests and remediates, and the homeowner might wind up paying more and not solving the actual problem.

While there are some companies that are honest, there are enough unreputable ones to cause concern. These companies often find a “problem” that isn’t necessarily there, or may exaggerate findings in hopes of creating a bigger repair job for themselves. As we’ve pointed out, this is a clear conflict-of-interest—it’s even against the law in New York State. So, why take a chance on bloated repair bills or an improper test? Your health could be at risk.

How the Laws Have Changed

mold lawsIn 2016, New York State passed a law that bars a contractor who assesses a home’s mold problem from also doing the cleanup. This necessary measure was taken when unscrupulous contractors took thousands of property owners for a ride after Hurricane Sandy. The law seeks to prevent scams in which a disreputable remediation company exaggerates or lies about a mold problem in order to make large profits fixing minor problems. The law also requires NYS certification and licensure for conducting mold testing or remediation. These rules seek to prevent unskilled workers from improperly handling mold contamination and reduce the risk of cross contaminating clean sections of a property. RTK Environmental Group fully supports New York State’s strict standards as they can save property owners thousands in repairs. Only a few states have such laws, so it’s up to consumers to do their homework.

Opt for Trusted, Independent Environmental Testing

unbiased mold testingRTK Environmental is an independent, licensed, and certified testing company that performs only high-quality environmental testing and does not do remediation. RTK’s results are unbiased because RTK has no conflict-of-interest. If asked, RTK will refer property owners to at least three reliable and reputable remediation companies. We want to be sure that our clients are protected from mold remediation scams. It’s why RTK has been trusted and recommended for over 25 years. Click here to book a test.

Testing for lead isn’t required in the US — and so doctors miss children exposed to the toxin. (Vox)

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