Did you know inside air may be up to 100 times more polluted than outside air? So what is causing all of this unhealthy air?

Up to 80% of indoor air quality issues are caused by high levels of VOCs and unhealthy levels of mold spores.

VOCs and other toxic fumes can be found in paints, solvents, cleansers, carpets, disinfectants, air fresheners, pesticides, nicotine, glue, home furnishings and building materials.

Find out where you can find some of the top offenders in the infographic below. Or, you can visit our VOC resource guide to find out the top 17 things in your home that create poor indoor air quality, and the health symptoms they can cause. Call us today to schedule an indoor air quality test at (800) 392-6468.

indoor air quality

Up to 25% of the population has a genetic pre-disposition that makes them more susceptible to mold illness. (Mold Sensitized, 2015)

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