Environmental Issues in Contracting: What You Need To Know

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Robert Weitz, founder of RTK Environmental Group, is an environmental testing expert and a certified microbial investigator who frequently appears in the media regarding environmental issues.

PDH Contractors recently checked in with Robert for their PDH Academy series to learn about how contractors may affect the environment and the importance of contractors receiving continuing education about construction and the environment. Here’s what he shared.

About PDH Contractors

Trusted by contractors nationwide, and led by noted instructor Steve Preins, PDH Academy is a Minnesota, Oregon, Florida, and Massachusetts approved training provider. for cost-effective continuing education for contractors, builders, remodelers, roofers, and construction supervisors, which will fulfill the requirements for your license.

About Robert Weitz, CMI

Robert Weitz is an environmental testing expert. He’s also a certified microbial investigator and principal at RTK Environmental Group. RTK is a leader in the field of testing and consulting in mold, lead, asbestos, VOCs, water, soil, radon, and indoor air quality. What sets him apart is his passion for working with his clients, with whom he shares his 30+ years of knowledge and expertise on a daily basis. Mr. Weitz helps homeowners and commercial property owners by assessing their environmental situations, identifying root causes, and explaining the best methods to address the issues. Many top medical centers, hospitals, schools, housing authorities, government institutions, and corporations have trusted Robert Weitz and RTK to provide environmental testing.

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