Vehicle Tracking: How We Keep Our Employees Safe & Our Appointments on Time

vehicle trackingSince 1995, RTK Environmental Group has provided environmental testing services to more than 40,000 customers on the East Coast. Whether we’re testing for mold, asbestos or lead, or judging the overall quality of your air, our certified experts are on hand to make sure that you are safe in your home or workplace.

We use state-of-the-art technology and we adhere to the latest standards when our inspectors examine your property, so it seems natural that we also keep up to date when it comes to our company vehicles.

To that end, RTK Environmental has employed tracking in our vehicles to better serve our communities. We can see our technicians’ daily routes and we know how long they were at a job.  This gives us the ability to ensure that our operations are running as efficiently as possible.

You can be confident with RTK—confident that our assessments are accurate, confident that our technicians can be trusted, and confident that our company is working hard to ensure that your property is a safe place to live and work.

RTK Environmental has partnered with Quartix Vehicle Tracking to ensure the highest level of safety for our employees and service for our customers. Live well!



Past exposure to lead may be to blame for over 400,000 deaths in the United States every year (The Lancet Public Health.)

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How RTK Environmental Group keeps you safe while we’re in your home or workplace.

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