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Asbestos Testing

Asbestos is a material that enjoyed widespread use in building construction, including fireproofing, soundproofing, flooring, insulation, popcorn ceilings, and many other things. Yet, despite its effectiveness as a strong heat-resistant material and its relatively low cost to manufacture, asbestos has fallen out of favor; once it is damaged, its fibers can cause serious health issues when they are released into the air.

The EPA has issued rules and guidelines for the times when asbestos is disturbed in order to protect the public. The most dangerous asbestos fibers are too small to be seen. Once inhaled, they lodge in the lungs forever and can cause cancer.

RTK’s asbestos inspectors are highly trained and certified to conduct asbestos testing in residential and commercial settings, and provide asbestos testing services that are second to none.

About Asbestos Exposure

asbestos testing new yorkAsbestos is a carcinogen that can cause lung cancer, mesothelioma, asbestosis and other serious respiratory ailments. The real danger with asbestos exposure is that asbestos-related diseases generally don’t present themselves for 15 – 40 years.

Thousands of building materials once were manufactured with asbestos including pipe insulation, building insulation, floor and ceiling tiles, roof shingles, adhesives, siding, textured ceilings and joint compounds. Over time, these materials degrade or are disturbed and their asbestos fibers are released; they can easily get lodged in the lungs where they remain permanently.

ASBESTOS MONITORING by a certified professional can help homeowners and commercial property owners identify potential risks prior to purchase or renovation.

Asbestos Is Still a Health Concern

Many countries have banned the use of asbestos outright, but several, including the United States, still allow its use in some products. Asbestos is mostly found in older homes and factories.

When Should I Test for Asbestos?

You may suspect there is asbestos in your home, but only an asbestos testing company like RTK knows how to examine materials containing asbestos without the risk of releasing its fibers into the air. If you find yourself in any of the following situations, you should test for asbestos:

  • If you are buying, selling or renting a condominium, co-op or home built before 1980
  • Before you or your contractor do any renovations on property built before 1980
  • If you have a popcorn ceiling that may contain asbestos
  • Before you or your contractor do any demolition work on property built before 1980

Asbestos Testing Service Areas

RTK Environmental Group provides asbestos testing services throughout the tri-state region, including southern New York, New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Westchester County, Rockland County, Orange County, Putnam County, as well as all of Connecticut, Fairfield County, Stamford, and Hartford.

Don’t risk your health or your family’s. If you suspect asbestos, call RTK ENVIRONMENTAL GROUP for immediate asbestos testing at 800.392.6468.

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More About Asbestos Testing

Moisture problems in buildings were linked to changes in building construction practices during the 1970s, 80s and 90s. Some of these changes have resulted in buildings that are tightly sealed, but may lack adequate ventilation, potentially leading to moisture buildup. (EPA)

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