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Asbestos Testing in New York City

Older New York City Buildings Require Periodic Asbestos Testing

New York city was founded in 1898 and of the roughly 3.4 million homes in its borders approximately 3 million of them were built before 1989. This is important because the construction materials in these structures may contain asbestos, and exposure to asbestos can cause a rare form of cancer called mesothelioma. While it may not be harmful when enclosed or separated from the living environment by walls or paint, asbestos poses a significant risk when those materials begin to degrade or they are disturbed.

If you have an older home in New York City it is time to get it tested for asbestos. The large scale damage caused by Hurricane Sandy is past, but there is a continued threat to you and your loved ones from major or minor unseen damage potentially exposing you to this harmful substance. Asbestos testing will help ensure that any damage suffered during the hurricane, or in any of the heavy storms that have occurred before or after, will not expose you to unnecessary threat of developing cancer from exposure.

In the 70s and 80s the United States passed major legislation controlling the use of some asbestos because it was found to represent a significant health hazard to anyone exposed to it. However, with 88% of homes in New York City being constructed before 1989 it is quite possible for the insulation in your walls, floors, and attic—as well as around your water pipes—as well as multiple other building components to contain asbestos. Issues arise as those materials degrade or are subjected to any damage caused by construction, natural disasters or household accidents. Once asbestos is released into the environment it can circulate and contaminate every room in a home. Asbestos testing is one way to help assure that your home is safe from contamination and prevent you and your loved ones from asbestos exposure.

Testing your Building Requires the Experience of a Certified Professional

To have your house tested for asbestos you will need to bring in a certified inspector who will take samples of materials from all over your house. The reason for this is straight forward: asbestos can be present in any room in a home without leaving a visible trace. The inspector will take samples from across the building and ship those materials off to a lab where they will be subjected to a series of tests in order to determine if they were made with asbestos or if there is a significant contamination. If the asbestos testing reveals a positive level or a current contamination the inspector will locate the source and determine how best to resolve the issue. In many cases it is just a matter of repairing the damage to the insulation; however, it is possible that the best way to remedy any problem will be the replacement of the materials in the affected areas.

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Water should be tested once each year for total coliform bacteria. (CDC)

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