COVID-19 Surface Testing

As an essential service, RTK Environmental Group is responding to a surge of requests from concerned members of the public and property/facilities managers for COVID-19 (coronavirus) surface testing after professional cleaning has been conducted to ensure the affected environment is safe.

RTK Environmental Group can now safely perform COVID-19 surface testing in residential and commercial properties, including schools, daycare facilities, and other businesses. COVID-19 surface testing fits within our mission of promoting healthy living and workspaces.

We’re also keeping our prices as low as possible to ensure that RTK COVID-19 surface testing is available to as many who need it during these unprecedented times.

About COVID-19 Surface Testing

COVID-19 information changes frequently as more is learned about the virus. It is highly contagious and studies now suggest the virus can remain airborne for up to 30 minutes and live on hard surfaces for as long as 72 hours or more. It is believed the virus lives longer on certain fabrics and areas with a higher moisture content.

  • The sampling swabs we use are made specifically for environmental use. Unfortunately, they are not fit for testing on humans.
  • We take surface samples (counters, floors, tables, knobs, appliances, computers) and pay close attention to heavy-use areas. Sampling can take as little as a few minutes.
  • Samples are expedited to a certified laboratory.

When to get a COVID-19 Surface Test

If your home, business, school, or daycare has been exposed to COVID-19 and was subsequently cleaned, we can perform a COVID-19 surface test to ensure the establishment was property cleaned and sanitized.

  • We can only test after a thorough, professional cleaning and sanitizing of the affected area(s) by properly trained professionals.
  • Following cleaning and sanitizing, RTK conducts a COVID-19 surface clearance test to ensure cleaning was performed successfully.

How We Keep Our Clients Safe

We’ve carefully assessed how to perform this vitally important work in order to protect our clients as well as our highly-trained inspectors. The RTK team follows or exceeds the stringent health and safety protocols that are recommended by the CDC and WHO.

We don’t interfere with the healthcare supply chain.

We’re able to offer COVID-19 surface testing only because enough labs are now available to analyze samples without interfering with the urgent needs of the healthcare system. We use our own supplies—many of which cannot be used to test humans—so our work doesn’t divert from the healthcare system’s supply chain.

Our No Conflict-of-Interest Policy

RTK only performs testing, and not cleaning or sanitizing services. Providing both testing and remediation would be unethical.

To book a COVID-19 surface test, please call 800.392.6468


Human and animal waste are a primary source of bacteria in water. (CDC)

How RTK Environmental Group Keeps you safe while we’re in your home or workplace