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Lead Testing and Lead Inspection

Lead Poisoning is the #1 Preventable Childhood Disease in the United States

What is Lead Poisoning?

Lead Testing New CaananLead poisoning is a serious condition that can produce irreversible damage in adults, children, and even pets. It’s important to find out its causes so you can prevent or mitigate its terrible effects. In older homes, with the deterioration of lead-based plumbing, window framing, and walls painted prior to 1978, the chances of lead poisoning are increased.

How Do You Get Lead-Poisoned?

Children can easily ingest lead at home because it is all around them — in paint chips, tap water, dust, and the soil – where they play. The younger the child, the greater the damage lead causes. For children under six years of age, lead can impact their physical and mental development.

Contrary to popular belief, lead poisoning doesn’t just occur in run-down urban areas, nor is it a thing of the past. It can occur even in the most upscale neighborhoods, and among all socio-economic groups.

Health Effects of Lead Poisoning

The effects of lead poisoning in children can include: developmental delay, learning difficulties, abdominal pain, hearing loss, stunted growth, seizures and other conditions. In adults, they can include high blood pressure, joint pain, volatility and anger issues, abdominal pain, pregnancy issues, and concentration problems.

Bottom line: If the source of the lead is not determined and removed, the poisoning will continue, and the symptoms will worsen. We can help. RTK ENVIRONMENTAL GROUP lead inspectors are licensed, certified and have over 25 years of experience.

Lead Testing Service Areas

RTK Environmental Group provides unbiased lead testing services and lead inspection throughout all of Connecticut as well as New York City’s 5 boroughs and Westchester, Rockland, Orange, and Putnam Counties. Since we do not conduct lead remediation or lead removal, our testing is unbiased and impartial, meaning there are no conflicts-of-interest.

Call RTK at 800.392.6468 to schedule a lead test or lead inspection.

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