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Brooklyn Lead Testing Services

Elevated Lead Levels in Brooklyn, New York Require Periodic Lead Testing

According to the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, as of 2012 Brooklyn hosts 4 out of the 5 neighborhoods with the highest occurrences of elevated blood lead levels in children. These neighborhoods are Greenpoint/Williamsburg, Flatbush/Midwood, Coney Island, and Bedford Stuyvesant. Although the numbers are not extraordinarily high, it shows that lead poisoning represents a significant threat to the members of these communities.

Most people know a few facts about lead poisoning and even more myths, but what is important to know is that no matter where you live, lead-based paint can be a significant health concern. It can exist in many types of older paint, which will contaminate the area as they degrade—flaking off and causing the lead to be dispersed as a fine particulate that can be inhaled. Lead may also be present in the soil from old leaded gasoline that has spilled on the property, or earlier lead-based paints that have been pulverized during construction. If it exists in high amounts in the soil it poses a serious health concern for young children because it may be inhaled or eaten and absorbed by their growing bodies.

Preventing Elevated Blood Lead Levels in Children by Testing for Lead

The 2010 Census says that there are close to 200,000 children under the age of 5 in the borough, therefore it is important to perform lead testing in any structure built before 1978 to minimize the threat of exposure, and deal with any potential hazards that already exist.

While legislation has improved the quality of construction materials over the years, it is important to remember that you and your loved ones may still be in danger of exposure. If your home is more than 35 years old, or was built on the site of an older building that was removed, you should have it tested for lead. The testing requires a professional to inspect the premises, perform non-destructive paint testing, and take samples from the dust, soil, and water. If the lead testing shows that it exists at elevated levels, the inspector will walk you through your best options for containing or eliminating the source of the problem.

If you suspect the presence of lead in your home or the surrounding areas, call us at 800.392.6468 to have one of our experts come out for an inspection.

70% of homes are estimated to have mold behind walls. (Harvard EDU)

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