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Commercial and Residential Lead Testing in the Greater New Haven Area

The port city of New Haven is a commercial hub for the state of Connecticut, and its history is one of development and growth. A significant majority of the buildings within the city limits were built before 1989 and almost 20% were built before 1930. The construction materials used in these buildings may contain lead, or other elements, that can be harmful to your health. While they are reasonably safe when contained within the materials they can be released through degradation or damage, at which point they begin to contaminate the environment and should be considered a health hazard. Whether it is a commercial or residential property, lead testing should be performed periodically to ensure that ambient levels of lead remain within the acceptable parameters set by the CDC and EPA.

According to a CDC report there were 202 confirmed cases of elevated blood levels reported in children in the greater New Haven area in 2009. However, since only 37.3% of the children were tested it stands to reason that the number of cases may be higher. Due to the severe consequences of lead poisoning in children, everyone should take precautions to minimize the risk of exposure for their children. In older buildings, lead is most likely to be found in old paint, pipes, or plumbing fixtures. It can also be found in the water or soil of any property that has been affected by improper renovation, contaminated runoff, or commercial waste.

Old Factories and High through Traffic can cause Elevated Lead Levels in Residential Areas

The 2010 census shows that there are over 1,000 manufacturing companies in New Haven County. Older factories have been proven to be a source of toxic chemicals in the air and water of North Haven and Stratford, and with the old factory of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company immediately off Prospect Street, it makes sense that one should be wary of the possibility of lead contamination in the local area.

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