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Mold Inspections for Corporations in Morris County, NJ

Morris County, New Jersey is home to the headquarters of several fortune 500 companies, which makes it one of the most well-developed and affluent counties in the country. The median income is just under one-hundred thousand dollars, according to the United States Census Bureau, and the rate of rental properties in the area is 24%, which is much lower than most other counties in the Greater New York Area. It is no wonder that most people who live or work in the area spend little time thinking about the possibility of mold exposure in their home or corporate office. However, mold does not just grow in old, dilapidated homes or commercial buildings that are falling apart. Mold can grow in any area with a high relative humidity where there is inadequate ventilation. It is important to have commercial mold inspections performed at the first sign of growth to avoid potential legal issues with OSHA or domestic lawsuits.

With the advent of newer building strategies, meant to minimize energy usage for heating and cooling, many buildings have been turned into semi-pressurized atmospheres where very little area is meant to exchange between the internal and external environment. In buildings where the humidity is kept at reasonably low levels this should not be an issue, but if there is ever water damage—from a flood, broken pipe, or leaky water dispenser—the situation can change drastically. The same features that keep energy costs down can turn a corporate office into a giant petri dish for mold to grow through with explosive speed. If you find it hard to breath at work, or you have an itch in your throat or a runny nose without being sick, then you should talk to your supervisor to secure an inspection for the premises.

OSHA and Mold Inspections

The United States Department of Occupational Safety & Health Administration has several rulings about indoor air quality for specific industries, as well as for general commercial buildings. This ensures that individuals are able to work in a safe environment without having to worry about the potential exposure to health hazards such as mold and asbestos. They will also work with you as a concerned individual to ensure that any issues brought to their attention are addressed while protecting you from discrimination or harassment from your employer. Though not directly affiliated with OSHA, RTK Environmental is often called in to facilitate and perform commercial mold inspections for corporations as an independent testing company.

If you suspect a mold contamination may be present in your building then you should contact RTK Environmental Group today to set up a consultation with one of our certified microbial investigators to protect your company from the liability that uncontrolled mold growth represents.

As water systems age, 63% of Americans are now concerned a “great deal” about drinking water pollution, according to a Gallup poll.

How RTK Environmental Group keeps you safe while we’re in your home or workplace.

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