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5 Tips for Tackling a Flooded Basement

Flooded basements are the bane of homeowners in low-lying areas, but flash floods can affect everyone. If your basement has never flooded before and you’re not sure what to do, this blog is loaded with helpful tips and tricks to get that water out and to help prevent mold. Please follow and like us:

5 Tips to Survive a Basement Flood & Prevent Mold

You don’t have to be a meteorologist to know that this summer, rivers in the Northeast have had their fill, and then some. Unfortunately, road closures and downed trees because of waterlogged soil and flooding are not the only issues. The combination of steady rains and soaked soil have left many basements flooded. Combine that with the hot weather, and suddenly mold rears its ugly head. Please follow and like us:

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4 Top Tips for Pre-Storm Preparation

Hurricane season has begun, and Tropical Storm Andrea has already drenched us. With the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) predicting 13-20 named storms (7-11 being major hurricanes), we have a lot to prepare for Please follow and like us:

Post Sandy: Mold

When Hurricane Sandy swept through the Northeast, it flooded tens of thousands of homes.  If you had water in your home for at least two days, chances are some mold colonies are growing, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  Here’s what you may not realize: mold may not be visible immediately, but its spores are growing. Please follow and like us: