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Renovate Right: Top 3 Tips for DIYers

If you’re like millions of Americans who love to roll up their sleeves and tackle home improvements, these 3 tips can protect your family, your health, and your home. There are all sorts of hidden dangers within your home that you should be aware of before you start, and you should know what to do if and when things go wrong.

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Before You Buy A Home, Test for Lead

Testing for lead paint is a must before buying a home. Landlords and sellers must disclose known lead paint, but since not all sources are known, there could be lead paint in any home or dwelling. RTK Environmental can provide tests that will determine definitively whether or not lead paint is present, and make you aware of all the risk factors before you purchase.

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Does Your Pediatrician Screen for Lead Poisoning?

Not all pediatricians test their patients for lead poisoning. In some states it’s mandatory, but in others it’s left to the doctors to determine if it’s necessary. RTK Environmental knows that lead paint poses a danger for everyone, children and adults alike, so be sure to request that your pediatrician performs a simple blood test to check for lead contamination.