Mold Testing vs. Remediation

Buyer Beware: Is Your Mold Contractor Ripping You Off?

One-stop shops that both test for and remediate mold woo customers with low prices, but consumers can end up paying thousands more in the repairs.

The environmental testing industry is plagued by companies offering mold testing on the cheap, and when they claim to find mold conveniently offer their own remediation services to fix the problem. “This is a clear conflict-of-interest, with the result that the problem is not often remediated – if it exists at all,” warns Robert Weitz, a certified microbial investigator and principal at RTK Environmental Group, which only provides testing services. According to Weitz, the result is the consumer may be paying thousands of dollars for bloated repair estimates or an improper and ineffective remediation.

There is a very big distinction between environmental testing companies. Independent, certified testing companies do not do remediation and therefore offer consumers unbiased opinions and remediation recommendations. They won’t magnify or make-up the problem in hopes of making money on the remediation to follow.

Recently, investigative reporter Jeff Rossen conducted an undercover investigation on NBC-TV’s Today show into mold remediation, and the results were shocking. He found that some companies were willing to claim that eye shadow smeared on a wall was mold, then would charge upwards of $10,000 to remove the ‘mold problem.’

The bottom line is that a company whose practice is strictly limited to environmental testing and consulting and never remediation will assure you of an accurate and unbiased assessment.


Mold Testing vs. Remediation Video

Crooked Mold Contractors? RTK Helps The Today Show Uncover the Truth

How RTK Environmental Helped NBC’s TODAY SHOW Film This Segment on Mold Contractors:

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This morning, NBC’s TODAY SHOW featured an important hidden camera investigation to determine if mold contractors (an industry mostly unregulated) were attempting to rip off unsuspecting homeowners.  In March, NBC contacted RTK to help them with their hidden camera investigation.

As an independent testing company with a pristine record, RTK was hired by NBC News (after a thorough vetting) to verify that the test homes used in the segment were mold-free.  Although the segment only aired for a few minutes, several hours of thorough testing were performed by RTK to assure (and to document for) producers that the homes in use were free of mold.  Filming actually occurred over a period of several days with multiple trips to each location.


The moral of the story is: If your contractor tells you that you have mold without an insisting on performing an independent test, you may be getting ripped off.  (Here’s our contact information if you need an independent mold test.)

Buyer beware: It is a conflict of interest for your mold contractor to test your home for mold. You’ll likely save in the long run by hiring an independent testing company to verify a mold condition and to provide your contractor a “blueprint” for the mold remediation process.

Be sure to look for RTK Environmental Group’s Robert Weitz in the video (he’s the tall blonde-haired guy identified as one of the “reputable” testing companies hired by NBC). We’re thrilled to have worked with NBC News on this important piece.

Mold Testing vs. Remediation

Mold Testing: The First Step in Mold Removal

Mold is everywhere in our environment – which means it’s in your home and office. And the sooner you opt for mold removal or mold remediation, the better.

But the all-important first step that is often overlooked is to hire a professional mold testing service to examine your property. Although it’s true that some mold can be seen – black marks on walls, white blotchy marks on upholstered furniture – many of the hundreds of thousands of mold species are invisible, hiding behind walls, under floors and in your ceilings.

Experts always recommend testing for mold whenever your home suffers from water damage, from an event as catastrophic as a flood to a leaking pipe in your kitchen sink. But it’s also wise to have your home tested for mold, even if you have never had any water damage. Just a week of humid days can start mold growing. Smart property owners consider a professional mold test a baseline exam to determine if your home has mold, and if so, to pinpoint where.

Toxic mold can take hold within 24 hours after any unwanted moisture enters a home. When inhaled, mold spores can cause chronic allergies, headaches, fatigue, skin rashes, throat and eye irritations, wheezing, and many respiratory problems including asthma.

“Getting your home tested for mold now can save you big headaches later,” says Robert Weitz, a certified microbial investigator. “Most people wait months, long after a mold infestation has taken root, before they deal with the problem. Once this happens, repairs are often extensive and very expensive. I’ve seen people who had to leave their homes for extended periods while these problems were being remedied.”

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