At first blush, it might seem more efficient and economical to hire an environmental testing company that will test for environmental toxins in your home, water and soil – lead, mold, asbestos, radon — and then remove those toxins.

But when it comes to your home, one-stop shopping could be more expensive than you think. A company that does both testing and remediation has a financial incentive to find unnecessary problems in your home. An independent testing firm doesn’t have such an ulterior motive. Its only concern is to find the trouble spots in your home.

What’s more, an independent unbiased inspector can return after the remediation work is done and make sure that your problem no longer exists.

Your best bet is to use an independent and certified testing service so there’s no possible conflict of interest. You’ll sleep better knowing you didn’t have to pay for a problem you never had.

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Up to 25% of the population has a genetic pre-disposition that makes them more susceptible to mold illness. (Mold Sensitized, 2015)

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