Environmental Testing throughout the Greater New Haven Area

The Greater New Haven Area has a wide range of housing stocks, from the historic buildings of Yale to the new homes in Milford and Waterbury, and each requires a slightly different approach. The weather in the area shifts dramatically from season to season and the threat of periodic Nor’easters, which can dump up to 40 inches of snow on the city in 24 hours, means that buildings are under constant threat of weather-related damage. In order to assess the threats posed by lead, mold and asbestos for commercial and residential properties without having to worry about a conflict of interest have RTK Environmental perform the environmental testing.

Most doctors do not have the training to identify mold illness. “Possibly every doctor in the United States is treating mold illness, and they just don’t realize it.” (Dr. Scott McMahon, MD, 2017)

How RTK Environmental Group keeps you safe while we’re in your home or workplace.

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