RTK Environmental Group: Trusted Mold Testing and Mold Inspections in Northern NJ for Over 25 Years

Four out of five homes contain at least one environmental hazard that can affect your health. RTK can help you find the problem, and do something about it. Calling RTK is the first step in getting rid of unhealthy indoor mold.

For over 25 years, homeowners, businesses, commercial property owners, management companies, insurance adjusters, real estate professionals, and others throughout northern New Jersey in the counties of Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Passaic, Union, Morris, and Sussex, have relied on RTK for all of their environmental testing needs.

Using state-of-the-art technology and adhering to the latest standards, our highly-trained inspectors will discuss your concerns, and then thoroughly examine your property for the presence of mold, quality of indoor air, and other environmental problems.

Because RTK’s business is limited to only testing and consulting – not remediation – you can be confident our assessment will be accurate and unbiased. If we find a problem, you hire a separate remediation firm, an industry best practice. Then, we’ll return to make sure the job was done right, and tell you how to avoid more problems in the future.

With offices in Fair Lawn, RTK serves northern New Jersey and leads the field of environmental testing and consulting. Company professionals are certified, licensed, and fully insured.

Northern NJ Mold Testing Services

Why have a mold inspection? Mold spores, when inhaled, can cause serious health issues, including asthma, chronic allergies, headaches, fatigue, skin rashes, throat and eye irritations, wheezing, and many respiratory problems. When mold is disturbed, it can release spores into the air to seed new colonies, causing cross contamination. Mold can be caused by any number of water- or moisture-related issues, including ice dams, roof leaks, hurricane damage, basement flooding, burst pipes, poor drainage, and high humidity. Often, mold hides behind walls and ceilings, so unless you test for mold, you may not know that a problem exists.

Toxic mold is more dangerous than ordinary mold because its spores contain poisonous mycotoxins. To be safe and to protect your family, hire a professional to locate and identify the mold in your home or business.

Our customized investigations will determine the root causes associated with your specific health hazard or air-quality problem. We will provide a detailed report with recommendations on how to resolve your the environmental issues. Once remediation is completed, we can verify that the situation was successfully resolved. Since our practice is strictly limited to environmental testing and consulting – never remediation – you’re assured of an accurate and unbiased assessment.


Mold problems are not limited to states with high humidity and have led to various school closings throughout the country. Addressing mold problems proactively is the most successful and cost-effective way to manage them. (EPA)

How RTK Environmental Group keeps you safe while we’re in your home or workplace.

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